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Novaform Mattress is all about helping you find the deals you want when it comes to purchasing one of the most popular memory foam mattresses on the market today!
Novaform mattresses belong to the memory foam mattress family. They are distributed through Costco, a wholesale-type of retailer that claims to offer members cost-savings benefits over traditional retailers. In the case of Novaform, a memory foam mattress, the cost savings are quite apparent.

Novaform mattresses however may be one of the most cost-effective mattresses on the market. Compared to other memory foam mattresses, Novaform is normally within the financial reach of most people looking to enjoy the benefits of memory foam.

Some of the good things about Novaform
Novaform mattresses are great for people who are looking to get into a memory foam mattress. In addition to cost and some of the other well-known benefits, here are some reasons why one might get into a Novaform Mattress:

- Memory Foam: This family of mattresses is considered to be the most desirable. This is because memory foam offers varying degrees of comfort throughout the mattress unit. The upper layers are warmer foam, allowing the mattress to mold to your body and allow you to "sink" into to your sleeping position, while the middle and lower layers are cooler, keeping your body, back/spine, and legs firmly supported in the mattress (so you don't sink all the way through to the floor).
- Backed by Costco: Some memory foam mattress retailers are smaller operations that might have little sway with the supplier or manufacturer. If the retailer and supplier or manufacturer do not have a great working relationship, getting the supplier or manufacturer to back their warranty might be a little more difficult. Contrast that to Costco, which is a large international company that has rights to the Novaform product and you can quickly see how easily you will get a warranty related response. As well, Costco's own return policy is extremely easy to use, so you will never be "stuck" with a defective or problematic Novaform mattress.

Disadvantages to a Novaform Mattress
Unfortunately, no mattress is created perfectly and Novaform is no exception. Here are some of the disadvantages that have come to light about the Novaform Mattress:

- Shipping method. Novaform mattresses are compressed to roughly 1/4 of their original, house-ready size for shipping. This means the foam is compressed and could impact the longevity of the mattress. Since memory foam "remembers" its original shape and size, it is reasonable to expect that it will return to its orginal size once unloaded from the shipping container but there is currently some debate as to whether this actually happens the way it should and whether it causes some long-term quality problems to the mattress.
- Temperature retention: The Novaform mattress is considered one of the warmer memory foam mattresses on the market. This is one reason why Novaform is so cozy, but if you live in a warm climate then cozy actually means uncomfortable. Since body warmth is one of the selling features of a memory foam mattress, make sure that the Novaform mattress's warmth qualities are acceptable to you. (Even other memory foam mattresses might be too warm, though, so make sure you are okay with the warmth before you buy any memory foam mattress).

Some of the other disadvantages with a Novaform mattress are not unlike those of the family as a whole. A key one worth metioning is:

- Chemical composition of the mattress. Memory foam mattresses use a lot of chemicals to allow for the pliability of the foam. This in turn results in comfort. In addition, to counter-balance the use of foam chemicals, there is an abundance of anti-combustion chemicals that are used to make the mattresses safe for use in the home. Some memory foam users, including Novaform mattress users complain about the scent of such chemicals. While there is no detectable scent (at least for most people) there is some validity to their complaints.

In addition, there is little research available about the effects of type of anti-combustion chemicals that are used in memory foam mattresses, including the Novaform mattress. As such, it becomes purely a matter of personal preference whether the chemicals bother you or not.

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